25 March 2017

Well defined tickets and MVP

An interesting thing happened this week. It seems I did too much work on a ticket.

Wait, you did X and Y? That ticket was only supposed to be X, we have a ticket for Y in our backlog.

Re-reading the ticket for X (which was the so-called "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product)), with this new knowledge fresh in my mind, I still couldn't see where I went wrong. The ticket had decent detail, and actually references Y (the work, not the ticket) within it.

Oh, that should probably have been removed.


So, I essentially ended up doing two tickets of work in this one ticket. While I technically made a mistake, and will learn from it, I still stand by my actions based upon the definition of the ticket.

You may wonder where the problem is with this. We're now ahead, surely? Well, yes, and no. It's more complex than that.

11 March 2017

Spring Boot Microservices

While I can't go into detail of what I'm doing at Jagex as a contractor, I thought I'd give a quick update on some of the technologies I'm gaining experience with.

They brought me in to help implement a new microservice infrastructure for a major internal project, and I'm already gaining good further experience with:

Admittedly, the first few days were spent setting up my PC and internal accounts, and ensuring I had suitable permissions and access. There's a lot of things! Thankfully, some of my old accounts were still there, and just needed reactivating.

I also had to catch up with a fair amount of progress since I left, including team restructuring, office changes (including a new location in the building), new management, new development practices and approaches, new servers, new Scrum priorities, and the plan and progress of the new system I'm helping out with. It's been fun catching up with old colleagues, and surprising a few with my presence.

So far I've created a new microservice that currently integrates with a legacy system to perform a specific task, but is designed in such a way that it could implement a new task provider with little impact. It is also the first microservice to use Spring REST Docs for the API documentation, which is how the team wants it to be done from now on. As part of this project, I also implemented a nice automatic deployment of Spring REST Documentation to a shared location using Bamboo, if implemented in the microservice.

I'm now working on tying a number of systems together into a cohesive user flow. It's nice to be back, and already contributing to the project!