18 February 2017

I'm now Contracting!

Two days ago, I started a new estimated 5 month contracting job back at Jagex. How quickly things change! Obviously I can't share details of why I was brought in, or specifics of the challenges I face, but I will try to share any general topics I can here.

It's fantastic being back - I did always like the company, and particularly the people.

It's going to be strange, but great, to be able to dedicate my time there to actual software development. My previous job became a mix of random assistance, project managing, line-managing, code reviews, meetings, and only occasionally did I get the chance to write any code myself. It's already clear that the self-training I did on Java Spring, unit testing, and even AngularJS, will come in useful, even at this early stage.

So, while I'm clearly no longer available over the next 5 months for other contract work, I can still take on some freelance work. I'd just need to fit it around the Jagex contract job, and I am able to book time off with sufficient notice.

If you have anything you'd like me to take a look at, please do still get in touch, as I might well be able to fit it in. If not, I may be able to recommend another freelancer to do it. So there's nothing to lose really!

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