9 January 2017

Plans for 2017

Happy New Year!

The dawn of a new year inspires a reinvigorated approach to freelancing, which I'm excited to get cracking on! My main areas of focus are:

  • In addition to keeping up with Java developments, broaden my knowledge and experience across other languages, frameworks, and approaches. Not just web. 
  • Broaden my knowledge still further to other non-development areas of IT, such as business strategy, infrastructure, team and project management.
  • Actually market myself!

I'm looking forward to getting to the stage where I have established processes for the logistical side of freelancing, which can only really be achieved by doing it. I'm putting myself in the best possible position beforehand though by researching as much as I can, and at least being aware of things I may need (or need to do) before I need them.

Exciting times ahead!

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