7 November 2016

My Plan

Everyone's got to have a plan. And when you're self-employed, this is even more important.

It's hard to pick my top reason for going freelance, but I can distill them down to four, in no particular order other than the order I thought of them: a wider variety of projects and people, more control over how I implement things, more opportunity for learning, and more control over my time.

Of course, while I do hope to have a steady stream of work (eventually!), I hold no illusions that there will often be times where I have little to no paid work to do. Especially at the start when I'm still finding my feet. And my clients.

So while I'm metaphorically (and sometimes even literally) "getting out there" trying to find clients, this is also where this blog comes in.

Ever since I started entertaining the idea of going freelance, I've been noting down technologies, practices, and processes that caught my eye. Things I've never heard of that sounded interesting, as well as areas I feel I could improve on. I now have a healthy Trello board full of cool stuff I'm eager to learn about, still growing almost daily.

So, my plan is to blog about what I'm learning. Share cool technologies and insights, maybe even write little tutorials or example projects to explain concepts. By doing this, I also have to actually understand enough of what I'm learning, so I can blog with some confidence. It's all too easy otherwise to read a web page and think "Yep, I've got that now", and not really think it through.

I can't guarantee how often I'll publish a new post, but I'm aiming for about weekly. It of course entirely depends on how busy I am with paid work. I've already got a number of posts almost finished, so I'll polish those up and publish them in a logical order.

I'm sure that there will be times where, despite my best efforts, I'm simply wrong about something. If that's the case, please let me know - and if I discover I made a mistake later, I'll be sure to correct it. After all, much of what I'll be blogging about is new to me, that's kinda the point!

I'm quite excited about getting started!

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